Our Services

Art & Sculpture

Creative Hanging fits and installs both art and sculpture in a manner that best suits the space, room and other interior design.

Creative techniques are also possible through custom brackets, fixings etc. to achieve innovative solutions to any hanging problem.

Canvas Paintings & Aboriginal Art

Installing stretched canvas paintings, canvas prints, canvas photos and contemporary aboriginal art of any size or number.

Also offers solutions for traditional Aboriginal bark paintings and artefacts that are displayed in shadow boxes/shadow frames of various sizes.


Creative Hanging can install single or multiple mirrors of a wide variety of sizes and weights.

Certificates & Photos

Singular certificate hangings or displays of multiple certificate’s and awards to make a larger statement piece for company offices or personal studies and trophy rooms.

Individual photo hangings or multiple photo displays in family homes and offices.

Gallery Systems

Creative Hanging can install various types of Gallery Hanging Systems to suit your Art Gallery, studio, office, home, school, café, salon etc.

Although we can install a variety of hanging systems, our experience has lead us to deal with mostly two brands that we recommend and have found to be the most user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Installation & Placement Consultation

With years of expertise and experience, Creative Hanging are more than happy to give consultation on where the items should be hung.

Displaying your artwork has more components to it than you may think so we take into consideration:

  • Composition for where your artwork should be in your room
  • The placement and quantity of pictures
  • A specific arrangement to highlight your favourite or token piece as well as offer other ideas to what may complement the item

Custom Made Brackets

Creative Hanging creates a variety of specialty items to suit your installation needs. These items are not limited to but can include:

  • Custom made steel keyhole hangers for mirrors 50 – 100kgs
  • Custom timber brackets to hang specialised items
  • With an idea in mind of what will be hung, Creative Hanging can devise a solution either on the job or in the workshop to suit your installation needs.